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Snooker World

The fact is that Snooker World sits 26,000 square meters in Dubai. It has 12 professional pool tables, a 50-person cafe area, 2 Snooker Tables, 2 Pingpong Table, 1 foosball table, 6 Playstation with the latest games, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

. Sprinkle at a full coffee shop every morning with a full cocktail and dinner menu, covering all the facts.

But there is more to it than that. Snooker World is rooted in our desire to bring people together and diverse communities to Al-Khobaisi. Focusing on recreational sports, Snooker World aims to be a place where diversity is reflected in the variety of services we offer. Come to work, play pool, have drinks with friends, or have coffee ... just know you're welcome!


“Really good ambiance. Friendly staff.. reasonably priced and food was amazing..all in all had a great time.”


ankush soman

“Great place and nice snooker club.”


Usman Ahmadjan

“Super nice ball for having fun and spend amazing time with friends”


hani ibrik